giovedì 10 marzo 2011

Himekaji style

So, this post will be in English, because it makes me very cool X ° ° ° D!! No, joke ...  my english is really bad!
Yesterday I went to Milan to go shopping with her ​​friends, and  I went in "China Town" ... I love.
I'm waiting the meeting  of "Agepoyo Honic cirlce" * _ *, I'm excited! I would like make a lot of to purikura , but in Italy dont exist ç_ç.

I'm tryed an himekaji look and make up...comments ^///^?

I need to lose weighttttt! XD!!!  ( bad face in this outfit :P)

Top LizLisa Style: Tally 
Skirt: deary
Belt: LizLisa
Accessories: chocomint

Bye fon now*w*!!

6 commenti:

  1. Cute curls :3
    I miss looong hair :s

  2. Sei stupenda Kacchan!!!!>////< Non finirò mai di ripeterlo!!!

  3. complimenti per i look....poi la gonna è cosi bella *.*

  4. @Jasmin, Tricia & Ching,thank you varu much*//*!

    Mashi e Carme...vi lovvo*abbraccia*