venerdì 11 luglio 2014

No time for a title

Mornig averybody! Today i'm really tired, i've worked so much...but finally i'm home and i've find a super surprise: a new parcel with a lot of new stuff !!
I've find a lot of new cute store lately, and now that is sale time my wallet is always empty, eheheh XP!

I need new accessories, so here some new:

 I really love the gold cross nacklace...i think that is my fav for now^^.
After, some new shirt and top, they're never  to much  for me.

  My new Barbie shirt...i love it**!

 and this Rienda top

this is a dress...i love the print**! and is really soft...i cant wait to wear it!
 This's a long lace cardigan from Datura, it was together with the heart nacklace in the first pic^^!

And finally i've buy 2 cute maxi dresses; this year i really fixed with them...eheheh..^^!
 One more romantic...
  and the second more mature...

so..what do you think^^? i love all...but i want more and more stuff :P!

And before to finish...2 little outfit of past weeks...>_<
 Dress: Rienda
Cardigan: Ingni
Shoes: LinoSug
Accessories: forever21

Lace top: Ingni
Jeans Camisole: Benetton
Short: Benetton
Shoes: Ingni
Accessories: forever21/ random

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