mercoledì 19 marzo 2014

Wake up, sunny morning

Its really long time that this blog is dead, sorrryyy :P!
Now the spring is coming, i hope to post more often, becuase surely i'll most interesting stuff to post XD;
for exemple, i reallylove when i see the new brand collections, i fell really inspired and i want buy new stuf and make more coord.

I've just made a order, i need new shirt because the old are.....mmm...old XD. And finally i think that ive find my style,^^ more near to oneegyaru but not totally...i usually use a mix of this with rokku or roma elements. I think that show it is more easy to describe.

 there're some my insp pics...lalalala.

Also, i've see the new collection of Ma*rs and Ghost of Harlem...and i love them**!  

  i really love this..dress/salopette? and the hair *_*!!


and this is the ma*rs collection, some dressese are really cute...

 this cord is adorable..and the model too *w*!

this dress is stunning, i want it**!

ok...its all!!  the next post i hope to show you my shopping houl ^w^!! 

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  1. I love specially the last dress <3 is just too beautiful n.n