giovedì 19 dicembre 2013

Before Xmas come.

Morning lovelys!! How are you? sorry for this long time no posting, gommenasai!!
Xmas is always to near...i'm really happy. Even if this period is hard 'couse my work, i really like the atmosphere: light, sweats, xmas tree, decoration..all is so sparking*_*!!
A few days ago I went around to look for gifts and i made some pics of this place wher you can find a lot of cute stuff **
I want a pink xmas tree for mee XD!!

 I've buy this one , so cutee ><

Today was really cold, so i can wear one of my super warm sweaters ( i wear it only when is reaaly cold becaouse  I always hot XD).
Sweater: random brand
Pants: Liz Lisa
Boots: taobao
Bag: Ma*rs
Belt: Ma*rs
Hat: taobao

Try again for a oneegayru style and make up...but you do not see the brown eyeshadow ç_ç

These are two outfits of the past weeks

 Dress: terranova
Cardigan Benetton

top: Ma*rs
Cardigan: benetton
Pants: taobao 

I waiting a pack whit my Xmas stuff..i hope arrive soon><!!
See you soon...

4 commenti:

  1. Nice coords~! ^^ Everything is so cute during Christmas . I want the golden tree because I love golden stuff ~haha~<3.

    1. thanks honey, sweet like always^^!

      the golde tree was beautifull too...i like all the color other the traditional green XD

  2. I want a pink christmas tree too! XDD
    aw I have some of those cookie boxes. they are so cute^-^

    1. really^^? when i see it i must buy one, are adorable >_<!!!
      pink xmas is really popular i see^o^!!

      tnks for your comment dear^^