lunedì 28 ottobre 2013

EOS Tear Gray // Lense Review

Hi everyone, finally i come back XD! Today  i want made a review about my new circle lense, buy from CandyLens

This time i wanted try a natual look, but  always wanted to have something that highlights the eye, enlarge it, but without changing the color. So i decide for the EOS Tears Gray.

Color: Grey
Diameter :14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Replacement Period: 12 months

Good packeging,  free lanse case, certificate and super cute "thank-you note" *w*.

 the  lenses

Aye whit and whitout lense

Whit make up and natural ligth

 Whit flash
 Judgement :

I wanted a neutral lenses that dont' covere your natural color, but in the same time give them a cute effect.

 This lense are large only 14,5 cm, so the effect is not super, but for a natural look is really good for me. Anyway, when you wear it, the ayes looks bigger.


Even if they says that the water content is 38%, I have not any kind of trouble wearing all day.

6 commenti:

  1. They seem nice and they make your eyes look super-good~! <3

    1. thank u honey, i'm happy that like it ^o^!!! A lot of kisses :)

  2. Risposte
    1. yeah, are a bit different to the other lense, but i like it more :)!

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    1. Thank you honey for the sweet and kind comment, i'm really happy that you like my blog ^3^!!
      I really love a lot fashion and beauty , i want a lot of new stuff. Thank for your link, i'm surely I'll keep it in mind for my next purchase of lenses, i want buy a new pair brow/gold...but for now i dont' find anything that like me 100%.

      thanks for the visit^^!