domenica 4 dicembre 2011

New shopping and outfit time

Hi gals!! This week have opened a new Tally Weijl 's store in my city^o^!
I'm so happy because the old store was closed six months ago, and every time I go to Milan to buy . I rally really love this branda, i find alwais cute and stylish cloths...perfect for my style^^. And  ( important XD) isn't too expensive eh eh eh 

I buy this:

-Black short whit gold particolars, i really want this type of shorts >_<!

-Dress for .....i dont' know, but i like it XD
-T-shirt whit gems and red skinny jeans for avary day^^

Collant whit garter and this shopper bag  as a gift, i really love*o*!!

And for finish..i show you this outfit that i wearing for a date whit my friends Thursday  night.
Do you think abut it? suggest? tnks^^

 sorry for my bad hair çoç...and i have a red bag anyway XD!

Skirt: WC
Top: ofbrand
Cardigan: Benetton
Socks: calzedonia
Boots and accessories: Tally weijl
Hat: Hello kitty

Thanks for reading my blog and for you  sweet comments, i really happy!!
I made you a big hug!!Good night!

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  2. Mi piace tutto, soprattutto il vestitino *___*

  3. thanks cutie<3
    did you go to japan already? if yes, when was it?^^
    i hope yyou can go there soon^^
    yaaay i heard so! my boyfriend told me about the sale >< but actually....i haave no money haha (;_;)

    thanks :) you are very cute tooo!!
    if you have time, please take a look on my new post, i would be so so happy!! (>3<)


  4. Hi honey^^.. i was go in japan the firts time on 2009...I must got this year, but after the eartquak will chane destination, so i was go to new york.Probably will go next fall, in Kyoto and Osaka^^ ( I was going to tokyo too). I've more photo on my facebook, if you want see^^

  5. Your outfit looks nice! ^o^
    And I like that dress too :D