mercoledì 31 agosto 2011

New outfit + swap Sangi

Hello honeys^^!! Today i make a little post whit some outfits and the photo swap from Gyaru Wadrobe forum!!
Saturday i was go out whit my friend,and i waer this:

Top: Liz Lisa
Short: Liz Lisa
Boots: random brand

I've a orrible face here XD! Make up:

 Whit my new lense: Princess Mimi chocolate...i love it^^!

 Btw...this 's teh swap from my dear friend gyaru Sangi!!She's is really lovely, as her gift**!

Thank You Honey!

4 commenti:

  1. *sparge cuoricini* Grazie a te *_*

  2. I love your all outfit!!!! That top is LOVE!! *o* and you're so cute with it!!!

  3. Sangi..*_*! che altro devo dire??XD

    Nena-chan: tnks honey>o<!! im try to do my best for improve my style^^!
    You're such a great ispiration!