giovedì 6 novembre 2014


Its time to come back, i guess ...mmm! Its really long time that i dont make new post, eheheh.
I dont've nothing of special news, so i want post some recent coordinate.
Its long time that i dont follow gyaru comm or others, but i wany continue to inspire my look from onee gyaru style, specially from Rienda  and Murua.

-Coord 1-

Blazer: Rienda
Dress: Rienda
Shoes: offbrand
Accessories: random

Stupid face :P

-Coord 2-

Top: Emoda
Leather skirt: Murua
Boots: offbrand
hat: H&m

-Coord 3-

 i dont've warn pics...;P!

Sweater: Sheinside
Hat: Joutie
Skirt: calliope
Shoesh: offbrand

Oh well..i've alredy finish XD!! I promise that i'll make soon..i've make a bit of shooping for this winter, and i cant wait to arrive the pack**!! 
there're some example

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