domenica 23 ottobre 2011

"The Three Musketeers" and my favorite cordinate ^^

Hi sweties^^! Yestarday I went to the cinema to see "The 3 Musketeers". I really enjoyed it *_*!! I loved the cast, customes, music, scenography, photos....all XD!!
Tha main characters are foboluos; i relly love Milady  and Buckingham, buy my absolute favorei are the king and the queen Anna ; they are so sweett *__*! and the kink is relly fashionable XD!!!ahahah..i love this part!

Soooo...change plannes XD. I want show yiou my foavorite cordinate that i wand waer è_é!!! Buy i miss some clothes and i must improve relly more, becouse my style it's poor U_U. I'm buying more make up item, lashes and othe things....even if I wear false eyelashes, my makeup still does not make me look like a gyaru, sigh! ç__ç
But never give up!!
The're the outfit:

I really love Lena lately*_*!!

And the and...i search this shoes, or similar

i've finish for today^^! Thanks for reading, i'm really happy!! chus-chus!!

7 commenti:

  1. Hehe, I never saw that movie before ;o.
    I really wanted to get those shoes!
    They sold out so fast though so I had to get the one with out the little bow on it xD

  2. i wanna watch that movie too, maybe i'll wait til the DVD's release :) those outfits are really interesting, i want them too, hehe, and the shoes just so perfect. girly and classic, i hope they come with the flat version too, because i never wore heels :S

  3. I really want to see this movie! I love period films like this!

  4. thanks girls! yes..this firm is really interesting...Orlando Bloom it's a perfect bad-boy ahahah XD!!
    i'm happy that you like this style^_^

  5. Kanaaaan!! *__* I love all the outfits you posted!! I want that kind of shirt so badly!! >__< so cute everything!!!!!

    And I want to watch that film!! But my friend wants to watch Paranormal Activity !! u_u

  6. wow im waiting for that movie n.n and i love the coordinates are beautiful <3

  7. yaya...this films i's wonderfull^^!!